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The Power of Daily Engagement

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The Power of Daily Engagement

Take a long look at your mobile phone’s first screen , what all of the most successful apps have in common is very strong DAILY ENGAGEMENT.

1.Daily Engagement-  is important for habit forming which leads to a real relationship/Dependency between user and app. To create strong daily engagement an app needs to provide an answer to a PAIN, this pain can later be  TRIGGERED by the app or by daily needs.  Apps such as FB ,WhatsApp &  Instagram work with  a primal pain called FOMO (Fear of missing out) ,the ‘cure’ is in the form of photo/video feeds &  messages  – which are  variable rewards.

All of the most successful apps have in common is very strong DAILY ENGAGEMENT.

2.VARIABLE REWARDS  are a  relief to the pain that is CONSTANTLY SHIFTING  -EX: Traffic Updates, Analytics, Messages, Posts… Since the reward changes daily, the user needs to recheck them over and over again. This cycle of pain and variable rewards leads to habit forming.

3. TRIGGERS – When designing an app make sure to build triggers to invoke the users pain. Apps use triggers in the form of Notifications, Emails, or Badge Numbers ( unread messages). Improve your design thinking by finding the Triggers , Pain , and Rewards in the apps you use daily.

Build your design thinking by asking yourself Why do i use the apps that i use , What pain do they answer?,What is the reward that i get? 

To read more on habit forming i would recommend reading Hooked , by Nir Eyal

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